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When we know what you want to accomplish and where you are today, we can implement the right investment management approach to meet your goals. Our investment process begins with our view of the market and trends, and leads us in creating portfolios that serve different needs. We work with fund managers to understand the investments they are choosing and why.

We strive to create fully diversified portfolios by taking an in-depth look at the holdings of each fund and evaluating how one fund may be similar or complementary to another. We strive to understand both the fund and the manager’s philoso-phy. We frequently call fund managers to get their view on the market and trends they see developing. We then closely monitor their performance against their benchmark goals.

For clients in the “accumulation phase” of life, we can review your 401(k) or other retirement plans to ensure proper alignment with your taxable accounts. We can help you select the right funds from your plan or make allocation adjustments. We can also regularly monitor and make recommendations for changes or reallocations to your plan if desired.

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