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Our use of technology benefits you in several ways. Our client information management software allows us to summarize all the information we accumulate during our planning, such as estate documents, insurance policies, retirement accounts, future pensions, children and grandchildren’s ages, etc. We use this to monitor your financial affairs and advise if and when changes are necessary. Reed Financial’s investment reporting system shows performance, cost basis, capital gains/losses and dividends for each investment and your total portfolio.

Investment research software allows us to quickly identify the investment funds and managers that meet our criteria, and then have more time to talk to the managers directly – learning who fits best with our investment philosophy and your portfolio.

Our trading software allows us to make changes for all clients in a single day, and efficiently accounts for non-sellable assets due to emotional attachment or tax issues, while at the same time alerting us to any surrender charges, excess capital gains or miscellaneous charges incurred with certain trades. This also serves as a cash management system, assuring that cash disbursement is optimized to meet scheduled distributions.

The end result: our investment in the latest technology means we have more time to focus on the client.